latest SPSC Past Papers – A1 key to Success

latest SPSC Past Papers - A1 key to Success

Latest SPSC past papers, Sindh Public Service Commission, SPSC Apply online, SPSC Result,  SPSC Jobs,and many more are the most searched keywords on the internet.

In this Article Studenthelp.pk tried to bring all available SPSC Previous papers and SPSC screening tests for different SPSC jobs. 

we also tried to publish all PMS Papers for individuals who want to serve as civil servants in the Government of Sindh. 

Before presenting SPSC Past Papers This article will explain the number of topics that can help job searching Individuals. 

Sindh Public Service Commission 

In British India, the British government established the Public service commission in 1926.

Later on, SPSC established in april 1937 and it is known as Pakistan’s first and oldest Provincial Public Service Commission.

The SPSC main function is to conduct the examinations and tests for the Provincial Management Services (PMS) and other Posts in Basic pay from 16 and above. 

However, SPSC also conducts recruitment tests for the Balochistan government departments for the post in basic pay of 11 to 15. 

SPSC Advertisement

Every year SPSC advertisement is published on the official website of the Sindh Public Service Commission and the National Newspapers.

Till now in the year of 2021, SPSC published about 36 SPSC jobs advertisements.

 However, from the year 2018, SPSC advertised 179 job advertisements. 

The Style of the SPSC Advertisement is very simple

The title explains the department name, after that, the number of positions are given with the age limit, pay scale, eligibility, and allocation ( quota).

SPSC Jobs | Sindh public service commission jobs

Sindh public service commission jobs are the most searched keyword on the search engines.  For the SPSC Jobs, only Sindhi domicile holders applicants can apply.

However, the SPSC Jobs are advertised when the Sindh Government department needs civil Servants for their organizations.

As we know that The SPSC main function is to advertise SPSC Jobs and conduct the examinations and tests for the jobs of BPS 11 and above.

The interested candidates for the SPSC jobs need to apply online. and no need of sending the printed application form.

SPSC Apply online| Sindh Public Service Commission Apply Online 

In the SPSC advertisement, it is clearly mentioned that every applicant must log in to the Sindh public service commission and apply online.

To apply online in SPSC applicants need to deposit the application FEE online.

SPSC Results

For SPSC results, applicants need to type the CNIC and the result will be displayed on the official website.

let me tell you the truth about SPSC Results that most of the time SPSC results declare after several months so applicants need to wait for it.

latest SPSC Past Papers - A1 key to Success

Sindh Public Service Commission Latest Past Papers | SPSC past papers

A number of SPSC jobs are advertised every year. This plate form tries to explain and present the latest previous papers for the SPSC.

In this section, the Past Papers for the different posts are presented.  You just need to select the Department and Post you are applying for.

If you find that some  SPSC past papers are included here kindly comment in the comments box.

List of Past Papers of SPSC

  • PMS Screening Tests
  • PMS Past Papers
  • Assistant Elementary & Secondary Education Past Papers
  • Assistant Establishment Department Past Papers
  • Assistant Higher Education, Archives and Libraries Deptt Past Papers
  •  Assistant Public Health Engineering Department Past Papers
  •  Assistant Prosecution Directorate Past Papers
  •  Assistant Public Service Commission Past Papers
  •  Assistant Superintendent Jail Past Papers
  •  District Youth Officer  Past Papers
  •  Assistant Directorate in Labour DepartmentPast Papers
  •  Protocol Officer  Past Papers
  • ASI Past papers
  • Civil Judges Past papers
  • FIA Past Papers

Past papers for the post of Lecturers | SPSC Latest Past Papers

  • English lecturer past papers 
  • Biology lecturer past papers 
  • Chemistry lecturer past papers 
  • Economics lecturer past papers 
  • Mathematics lecturer past papers 
  • Pak Studies lecturer past papers 
  • Pashto lecturer past papers 
  • Physics lecturer past papers 
  • Statistics lecturer past papers 
  • Urdu lecturer past papers 
  • IT lecturer past papers 
  • Botany lecturer past papers
  • Bio Informatics lecturer past papers
  • Computer science lecturer past papers
  • Chemistry lecturer past papers
  • Economics lecturer past papers
  • Electronics lecturer past papers
  • English lecturer past papers
  • Environmental science lecturer past papers
  • Gender studies lecturer past papers
  • Geography lecturer past papers
  • Health & physical education lecturer past papers
  • History lecturer past papers
  • International relations lecturer past papers
  • Islamic studies lecturer past papers
  • Management science lecturer past papers
  • Microbiology lecturer past papers
  • Political science lecturer past papers
  • Psychology lecturer past papers
  • Sociology lecturer past papers
  • Statistics lecturer past papers
  • Zoology lecturer past papers

Past papers for the Post of Teachers  |  Latest SPSC Past Papers

  • English Subject specialist past papers 
  • Biology Subject specialist past papers 
  • Chemistry Subject specialist past papers 
  • Economics Subject specialist past papers 
  • Mathematics Subject specialist past papers 
  • Pak Studies Subject specialist past papers 
  • Pashto Subject specialist past papers 
  • Physics Subject specialist past papers 
  • Statistics Subject specialist past papers 
  • Urdu Subject specialist past papers 
  • IT Subject specialist past papers 
  • Islamiat Subject specialist past papers 
  • Health & physical education Subject specialist past papers 

Past papers for the various other Posts  |

Latest  SPSC Past Papers

  • Headmistress past papers
  • Headmaster past papers
  • ASDEOS past papers
  • Librarian past papers
  • Pharmacist past papers
  • Nutritionist past papers
  • Dental surgeon past papers

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