latest 9th class Past Papers English Abbottabad Board

9th class Past Papers English Abbottabad Board

Are you looking for 9th class past papers English Abbottabad board? Then you are in the right place. 

English 9th is a compulsory subject for the 9th class students. the Abbottabad board English 9th pattern is very easy. if students of the 9th class follow the 9th class past papers English for  Abbottabad board, studenthelp.pk hopes that students will get 100% marks in the English paper. 

Past paper 9th class English is the most search query on the internet. Most of the students see English 9th as the most difficult subject. Meanwhile, if students follow the English 5-year papers , we think English will not be a difficult task.

Pattern 9th class past papers English Abbottabad Board

The English for 9th class is paper has three sections.

  • Section A: This section contains 15 MCQs and the total marks are 15. 
  •  Section B: this section of English is divided into 4 parts.
      • 1st part: short answer. students are advised to answer 6 questions out of 8 questions .
      • 2nd part: paraphrasing of one stanza out of two
      • 3rd Part: answer the question from the selected stanza.
      • Part 4: Answer the question from the passage 
  • Section C: This section is related to grammar and divided into three parts
        • 1st part: translate English into Urdu
        • 2nd part: write a letter or application 
        • write a story 
        • 3rd Part: translate Urdu into English 

the totathl marks of English 9th section B are 36 and section c has 24 Marks.

Syllabus English  9th class  Abbottabad Board

English 9th for Bise Abbottabad syllabus contains 15 chapters. the names of the chapters are as under :

  1. Hazrat Muhammad the model of tolerance 
  2. Iqbal message to youth 
  3. quid a great leader
  4. The daffodils
  5. The Madina charter
  6. Nasruddin
  7. The two bargains
  8. Hope is the thing with feathers
  9. The fantastic shoemaker
  10. Technology is everything in life
  11. Safety first 
  12. The old woman 
  13. Letter to the newspaper editor
  14. Biodiversity in Pakistan 
  15. Abiu ben anthem

Past Papers English Abbottabad Board

Students can get past papers of English 9th class from the year 2016 to this year. On this Website, you can find more papers. 

Students can find more papers of Abbottabad Board on this website 

if you find any missing paper kindly comment here.

9th Class past papers English Abbottabad Board from 2016 to current year

9th class Past Papers English Abbottabad Board

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