CSS Examinations (FAQ)- Answering 10 New Questions

CSS Examinations (FAQ)- Answering 10 New Questions

Qualifying CSS examinations is the dream of every talented student. CSS stands for the central superior service exam. thousands of individuals wanted to apply for these examinations.

in this article, we tried to answer the different questions of the individuals regarding CSS examinations. we hope that this will help you a lot.

What is the age limit for CSS examinations?

Candidates must not be under 21 and the above the limit is 30 years.

is there any age relaxation for CSS Examinations?

Yes, two years of age relaxation on the upper limit will be given to candidates belonging to scheduled caste, tribes from the following areas: Baluchistan, tribal areas, DG khan, Tribal areas of Mardan, Tribal areas of Mansehra, upper Tanawal Kashmir, and Gilgit Baltistan. (terms and conditions apply)

what is the minimum Educational qualification for appearing in CSS Examinations?

The minimum educational qualification for appearing in CSS Examination is a master’s or bachelor’s degree in any subject recognized by HEC.

how many Civil Services Groups are in Pakistan?

There are 13 civil services groups are in Pakistan. The department’s names are as under :
Military Land and Cantonment
Police Service of Pakistan
Pakistan Customs Service
Information Group
Commerce and Trade Group
Internal Revenue Service
Pakistan Audit and Account Service
Postal Group
Foreign Service of Pakistan
Office Management Group
Railway Group
District Administrative Service

what are the Eligibility Criteria for CSS exams?

applicant must be under 30 years 
applicant must have a bachelor or masters degree 
must be a Pakistani national

What are the Compulsory Subjects for CSS Exams?

total marks of the CSS competitive exams is 1200, in which 600 marks are allocated for compulsory subjects and 600 for optional subjects.
the list of CSS compulsory Subjects are as under
Islamic studies 100 marks
 General Science: 100 marks
English ( precis and composition) 100 marks
Essay 100 marks
current affairs 100 marks
Pakistan Affairs 100 marks

What are the Optional Subjects for CSS Exams?

as per rules, the optional subjects of the CSS exams are divided into 7 groups. applicants are advised to Total of 600 marks from the group
Groups are as under
Group 1
International Relations: 200 marks
Computer Science: 200 marks
Accountancy & Auditing : 200 marks
Political Science: 200 marks
Economics: 200 marks
Group 2
Geology: 100 Marks
Pure maths: 100 Marks
Chemistry: 200 Marks
Physics: 200 Marks
statistics: 100 Marks
Applied Maths: 100 Marks
Group 3
Business Administration:100 marks
Governance & Public Policies: 100 marks
Public Administration:100 marks
Town Planning & Urban Management:100 marks
Group 4
History of USA:100 marks
British History:100 marks
History of Pakistan & India:100 marks
Islamic History & Culture:100 marks
European History:100 marks
Group 5
English Literature:100 marks
Gender Studies:100 marks
Botany:100 marks
Environmental Sciences:100 marks
Urdu Literature:100 marks
Zoology:100 marks
Agriculture & Forestry :100 marks
Group 6
Philosophy:100 marks
Mercantile Law:100 marks
International Law:100 marks
Law:100 marks
Criminology:100 marks
Muslim Law & Jurisprudence:100 marks
Constitutional Law:100 marks
Group 7
Arabic:100 marks
Journalism & Mass Communication:100 marks
Persian:100 marks
Psychology:100 marks
Balochi:100 marks
Geography:100 marks
Pashto:100 marks
Anthropology:100 marks
Sindhi:100 marks
Punjabi:100 marks

What are the Qualifying marks for CSS exams?

In the Compulsory subjects, the Candidate must secure at least 40% marks and in the optional subjects, an individual must secure 30% marks. if the applicant secures 50% aggregate of the total marks, he will be considered a pass otherwise fail.

What is CSS Examination?

Federal public service Commission (FPSC) conducts examination for the Central Superior Services. after qualifying CSS exams candidates serves on the post od BPS17 In the government department

Is CSS examiantion Difficult?

Most people say CSS exams are very difficult to qualify for it but if the appearing student prepares himself properly. we think he can do it easily. even though after preparing for these exams, students are able to qualify for any type of other competitive exams

CSS Examinations (FAQ)- Answering 10 New Questions
CSS Examinations (FAQ)- Answering 10 New Questions

we always try to help students in any means. we suggest you study this article CSS Exams – A brief Introduction to Competitive Exams. it will cover a number of questions. however, in this article, we tried to answer different questions related to CSS examinations.

CSS examinations are not a very difficult task. we hope if you plan for the CSS examination you can pass it easily. just try to make a daily timetable and follow it. remember only to choose optional subjects which give you good marks to qualify for the CSS examinations.

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